Review: Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon

This weekend I am packing up and getting out of town. It will be a short trip, but one that is well deserved and much needed. My boyfriend and I are headed to Nashville. We are both super stoked. Like crazy stoked. The work week cannot move fast enough. I have already made a packing list and have fully planned out our free days. 

In my excitement I also picked up Whiskey in a Teacup. I am a Reese Witherspoon fan and tend to enjoy her book club picks, so I was interested in seeing what her self proclaimed “Southern Women’s Lifestyle Guide” would bring. 

It turns out, Whiskey in a Teacup is a lot. Filled with recipes, party plans, playlists, and steps for catching Frogs Witherspoon has captured the feeling of her childhood. She writes fondly of her mother and grandmother. She also clearly has a reverence for Nashville, her hometown. I enjoyed reading about Reese’s childhood experiences and of her fond memories of home. Her connection to the South, and not just tennessee is very real. 

My only issue with Whiskey in a Teacup was how much it reads like a bible. There was no room for “not all women” here. Everything was very much about how a traditional southern lady acts and thinks. While I understand that Reese did sit down to write a Southern Lifestyle guide at times I thought it came across heavy handed and unbelievable. Though even the sections were full of love and fun suggestions. 

One quick note: This was published after Reese’s Hello Sunshine book club started but before it became the mega hit celebrity book club of note that it is today. I felt that her writings on books were interesting, but would have loved to see a later edition with more thought towards her book club.

I wound up bookmarking several recipes, some playlists, a list of books by southern authors, some movies, and party ideas. Overall I’ll call that a success.  

Pick this one up if you enjoy Reese Witherspoon’s career, southern food, Nashville, or throwing parties.

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