On Comfort Reading

January is always a weird month at the Woodring Estate. It is cold, but sometimes warm enough to enjoy a long walk with the pup. It is grey. So grey. Michigan is such a grey state in the winter. The sun rarely comes out. This paired with the early sunset makes January one of my least favorite, and most sleepy months. 

You see, I love running around outdoors. I miss my garden and fresh vegetables. This is to say nothing about how my meal planning lacks structure without inspirational visits to the many farmers markets by my house. I miss ice cream and evenings out under the stars. 

Really, I miss being social. January is the one month where all I want to do is sit at home in my comfiest pajamas and pretend the world doesn’t exist. Every other month of the year I want to go out and do things, see people, have fun new experiences. January is difference. It is a time for recover but also a time to sulk and not leave my house. 

This is probably why January always feels so long. In my world, it is kind of like time freezes over for a bit. 

I also find myself craving lighter reads. Ones full of romance or silly dramas. Nothing serious at all. Red, White, and Royal Blue was the perfect start to my year and I have been chasing that high ever since. Unfortunately, I have tried to force myself into Wolf Hall, Starless Sea, and XO Orpheus. All lie forgotten on my kindle. My focus just isn’t there for elaborate stories or complex narratives. I want love and miscommunication and a make up scene that makes my eyes well up. 

For a few years I would read installments of the Anna and the French Kiss series over the winter. Isla’s book particularly hits me right in the feels and makes a perfect escape when the sky is gray and cold. This year I don’t know what to read.  I keep picking up my usual genres and feeling overwhelmed, bored, or confused. I don’t actually want literary drama, fantasy, or historical fiction. I want sappy love stories and characters that are thinly veiled Jane Austen replicas. 

So I will keep trying to find my next comfort read. I will keep looking in the attempt to stay out of a reading slump. I have no idea if I will be successful. I may end up watching Outlander on Netflix and crying into my cup of Earl Grey.

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