Review: The City of Lost Fortunes by Bryan Camp

It is Mardi Gras season, and as I have mentioned before one of my favorite cities on this rock of a planet is New Orleans. I love the culture, the food, and the sense of history the city conveys. The people are amazing. Every single visit is a treat. 

So 2 years ago when I saw that a book about adventure, Gods, magic, and fortune was set in New Orleans I picked it up without reading a full description. It was the first book I bought for my brand new kindle and I read it all through the evening on Christmas, and then finished up the following day. I insisted all of my friends read City of Lost Fortunes as well. For me, aside from The Library at Mount Char, The City of Lost Fortunes quickly became my favorite fantasy book. 

Lost Fortunes tells the story of Jude. He’s a bit down on his luck but he has a special talent, he can find lost things. All lost things. Ever since Katrina hit Jude has been on the down low, trying not to get too entangled in anything as his magic is thrown off kilter by the magnitude of loss delt by the storm. But then some debts come due, some magical highjinx turn serious, and Jude needs to fight for his life and for the Fortune of all of New Orleans. 

Camp excels at bringing New Orleans to life on the page. His descriptions are vibrant. His characters are real, flawed, and intriguing. While I didn’t love every single person in front of me I always thought their motives rang true. Camp also built in stakes that felt real. There was real motive, real consequences for actions, and real magic that was compelling and thoughtful. 

The City of Lost Fortunes is the kind of book I wish everyone would read. It is fun, mysterious, and full of life. It is a perfect read as you get ready to eat your king cake, paczki, or pancakes and the best way to end February.

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