On Creating Bookish Chaos

We’ve reached the point in every year where I go review crazy. All of the “what to read in 2020” lists are out, people are looking further to the future. Library journal is putting together fantastic resources and I am absolutely inundated with recommendations. 

I like to share these recommendations with friends. Friends who then actually go and READ what I recommended. It’s great, really, until I feel compelled to read along with them. After all I thought the books sounded good. I told people to read them. I should read them too. I have a major FOMO when it comes to books. Not so much other aspects of my life, but with books I absolutely panic when I can’t read everything all at once. 

So here I am. My usual 3 books ballooning to 6. I think I have finally reached the point where I am confusing the storylines in my head. Is Mr. Rochester shopping at Celestel’s doll shop? Am I reading about the Iron Age or Colonial America? I’m confused all the time, but am loving each story so I cannot just give up. None are worth not finishing, and I can’t quite make myself put one on hold. 

So here I am, a librarian amongst bookish chaos. The books are currently reading. One day I will cull down my pile. I’ll read more responsibly. I’ll be able to tell my stories apart again.

Until then I’ll just keep recommending hot new titles and wishing I could keep up with the Jones

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