On the Social Distancing Blues, featuring TBR piles and Pizza

I’m not what you would call a homebody. I like going on adventures big and small, going to book shops, libraries, restaurants, and bars. I like seeing friends for trivia and for game nights. In short, I am having a hard time with the general shutdown of my community. 

Here in Michigan schools are closed until April. Community libraries have followed suit, and some small businesses are shuttering up until this virus business blows over. My museum has closed for the week and has asked everyone to work from home, though I suspect this will also turn into three weeks of working from my small laptop in my pajamas while my dog barks out the window. 

I’m trying to find the good in things. My boyfriend and I agree that distancing is the right thing to do when we need to go out in public. We carry hand sanitizer when we grocery shop. He is still unemployed so he has been home for a few weeks already, and somehow isn’t going stir crazy while looking for jobs and attending interviews. 

So I’m taking a note from his book and changing my point of view. While I dread being at home in the same spot on the same couch for an undetermined amount of time I do love my new found reading time. I am soaring through audiobooks as I clean, cook, and generally move items from one location to another in the hopes of feeling productive. I just finished my second book of the week, which I will review for you tomorrow. I’ve been serious about using the food that was bought to sustain us several weeks, and have enjoyed several tasty meals already. 

Today I decided to embrace my books, and the library closure, and take a look at some upcoming reads from my TBR pile. The one good thing about my library being closed is that due dates, those things that sometimes come with fines and imposed timelines, are a thing of the past. As I was just freaking out last week about cutting back on my spending and managing my library hull as it becomes available I am relishing this brief break from speed reading through new releases while panic picking up holds every other day. 

Maybe now is the time I actually get through Little Women? I can read about the history of the book during my work from home hours! My Brilliant Friend has been judging me from my nightstand ever since I bought it in Nashville and I am so excited to read it. Oh, and the book club books! Even though my book club will probably meet virtually this upcoming week we have already made our April pick. I can get ahead. This coronavirus scare may not be great for my social life, but damn my TBR is already feeling lighter.

In celebration of all things bookish I made a pizza. I cracked open a beer. I sat down and enjoyed the last few pages of Prince Charming. 

Pizza is always a good choice. Today I made a BBQ chicken concoction that was both tasty and filling. Ingredients and steps are below. Feel free to pull out this recipe when you are ready to yank your hair out later on this week. 

Pizza Dough (homemade or store bought fine)

Shredded chicken, equal to about one chicken breast

1 green pepper

1 small onion

5 pieces bacon

Bar-b-que sauce. 

1 package shredded colby jack cheese. 


Preheat oven to 350. Grease a pizza pan and spread out the dough. 

Top dough with a healthy layer of your favorite bar-b-que sauce. Cover with veggies, chicken, and bacon. Top with an additional few squits of of the sauce and then top with a bag of shredded colby jack. 

Back for 25 to 30 minutes. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “On the Social Distancing Blues, featuring TBR piles and Pizza

  1. I totally feel you! I don’t mind staying home for short periods of time, but it makes me almost depressive if I’m home for too long. I hope you’re doing alright, and reading and pizza seem like great plus sides! 🙃


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