Review: Prince Charming/Royals by Rachel Hawkins

Right now there seems to be 2 bookish camps:

Team Bring on Pandemic Fiction
Team please no give me something light

I fall into that second camp. I can’t do sickness in my books right now. Maybe some mild drama. Maybe some ancient wars. Yes to period pieces, palaces, and love stories. 

What I really needed at the start of the social distancing was a fluffy royal romance.

And how could I say no to Prince Charming (Previously published as Royals) with Scottish royalty and highlands and a geeky girl just trying her best to not ruin her sister’s new decadent life? 

Prince Charming is the story of Daisy Winters, who’s sister, Ellie, is about to marry the Crown Prince of Scotland, Alex. Because of this (and some unfortunate paparazzi incident ) Daisy must now spend her summer with her sister learning all about royal life. Unfortunately this also means dealing with Alex’s notorious brother Sebastian and his crew affectionately dubbed the Royal Wreckers. 

I went into Hawkin’s multi titled novel with low expectations. I just needed a little fun. It delivered. I wouldn’t say her characters were particularly memorable or that their motivations were always realistic, but they were compelling and I am more than happy I spent several hours with Daisy, Ellie, and Sebastian. 

Prince Charming didn’t follow the prescribed boy meets girl, girl hates boy, they fall in love dynamic that so many love to hate romances trade out. I was pleasantly surprised with the love story and all of the twists and turns, even if the stakes were always low and the drama was sky high. 

Overall Hawkins delivered on a perfectly pleasant novel. Perfect for a little escapism if you keep your expectations in check.

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