On Moving My Bookish Community Online

Over the last year my bookish community has grown. Not only do I have all of you lovely readers to chat with, but I have found more friends who love to read and am a part of 2 very active book clubs. 

The last couple weeks have really thrown how I communicate and interact with my book clubs. For a start, my work book club missed our last meeting. Last week was the office’s first full week working from home and no one had the capacity to figure out how to meet over something as frivolous as book talk. This week we are all feeling the pangs of social distancing and in search of comfort. As my regularly scheduled meetings add time to discuss our mental health, and as wel get more comfortable using Teams to run virtual meetings my book club has finally jumped on the bandwagon. 

Our belated meeting to discuss An American Marriage will meet next Wednesday. As of now I am the only one sharing fun bookish links and recommendations but I hope to see active conversation among my friends and coworkers. I know that by next Wednesday we will all be ready to chat about something other than disease, dog walks, and Tiger King. 

My other book club, the one I have with my close friends who enjoy reading has already met once online. It was the most comforting moment of last week. Seeing my friends and talking about The Mercies was a shot of happiness in this time. We’re upping the frequency of our meetings and now have an active group chat full of gifs, book recommendations and recipes to keep us sane during this time. 

And of course I have you guys, the online book community. I am able to find more time to read your blog post, enjoy your reviews, and comment on your thoughts. I hope to grow closer to all of you during this. I hope to expand my twitter presence (@EstateWoodring) and make new friends in the bookish community there. 

I’ll stay on the lookout for more opportunities and try to find new writers, readers, and book lovers during Michigan’s Stay at Home order. 

Stay well, readers. Stay well.

3 thoughts on “On Moving My Bookish Community Online

  1. My book club scattered to the winds a few years ago, and we’ve been meeting online since then. It took a bit of an adjustment period — but did work out OK in the end. (i.e., we all go to a favourite cafe, open up Facetime, and mainly use it as a monthly catch-up rather than book club!)

    I hope you find what works for you, and settle into a new normal without too much heartache … Changing times!

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