On Why I Don’t Give Stars

If you’ve been following me for five minutes or five months you may have noticed something. 

I don’t rate my books. At least not here. 

You won’t find stars, tea cups, hearts, or whatever other brand specific icons other bloggers use to rate their reads. 

Don’t get me wrong. I understand why other people rate books. They’ve just never really rang true to me. I can have a ton of brilliant things to say about a story, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it. When pressed (by goodreads) I could give a book 2 stars but only have praises for it here. I see the same things on other blogs. Four star reviews filled with nothing but complaints or low star reviewed books that sound like a fun time but maybe aren’t very popular. 

It starts to feel like the star ratings can’t be trusted. I would rather read through a review and get a full feeling for a book than just go off of stars. 

This hasn’t always been my opinionI will say that years ago, in the first iteration of this blog, I gave star reviews. I found that when I looked back on my old reviews my “ratings” would change. They felt arbitrary compared to actually describing the workings of story, character, and writing. 

I’m older now, with a full time job, a house, and adult responsibilities. I’m going to write reviews the way I want. Stars be damned.

2 thoughts on “On Why I Don’t Give Stars

  1. I completely agree! I stopped rating books years ago and it was the best decision–my reviews feel so much less constrained when I write them now because I’m not just trying to justify the number of stars I rated something. Great post!

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  2. Like wise, I never use stars on my blog, I do on other websites such as goodreads, but on my own I feel that this system is to simple and a good one would be to complicated so I decided to just not have one.

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