On Blogging and Gardening

Over the last week I’ve read so many fantastic books. I’ve spent plenty of time out in the sun with pages and pages of engrossing stories. I’ve had ideas for blog posts, and zippy lines to include in reviews pop into my head. 

I’ve also been tired. For better or worse the Sarah that could stack plans on top of plans with barely time for a commute in between is gone. I need my me time after socializing (safely, from a distance.) I need more quiet and less obligation. I spend more time fiddling around in my kitchen making snacks, sugary treats, and elaborate dinners. Deadlines are only pressing for me when they come from work or family. Unfortunately that means blogging sometimes falls to the wayside. 

It’s how I currently need to spend my time. The slowness is important. My motivation is elsewhere. It is in my garden; which is starting to perk up with rain and sun; It is with my afternoon walks full of fresh air and wildlife; It is with my boyfriend as we watch reality shows on Netflix and cheesy movies before bed. My motivation is with things that give me hope, that let me see there is a future still even amongst the crazy that is the world, especially the United States in this moment. 

As I was planting my tomatoes, basil, and zucchini last month several friends sent me the same quote. In years past I would have found it saccharine and useless. This year I hold it in my heart. 

“To plant a garden is to believe in the future.” 

I see it often attributed to Audrey Hepburn. I’m always skeptical of quote origin. In truth it doesn’t matter if one of my favorite actresses uttered those words. Right now as the days feel endlessly long and the sun beats heavy it is what I need to hear. 

And my garden is a perfect metaphor for this blog. It requires attention and tending. It takes time and patients. There is so much work on the back end (reading, weeding) before anything thrives (reviews, fresh food.) Sometimes the work is fun. Sometimes it isn’t. It is often rewarding. There is always a lesson to be learned, even with flop posts and overwatered plants. 

This is all to say blog posts will still be coming, but they’ll be at a slightly different pace. Summer is a time for living away from a screen, so if I don’t hit 2 posts a week it is fine. I’ll still be here, still blog hopping, just on my own time.

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