A Quiet Hello

I went away for a while. Not far. I still creeped on blogs. I read reviews. I followed a ton more people on book twitter. I kept up with the news in publishing and bought more books than I needed. Even my local library is up and running. I’m not sure it should be up and running, but that is another problem. 

I read and read and read. I formatted reviews in my head. I recommended books to friends and coworkers. 

But I stopped writing. 

Whenever I sat at my laptop to get all of these bookish thoughts and opinions my brain turned to fog. I couldn’t string meaningful sentences together.  I wasn’t coherent, cohesive, or frankly interesting. 

I was also struggling. That doesn’t make me unique in this pandemic, but it made me realize that just because my family had made it through the first year of a global health crisis  healthy and physically unscathed we still had our own battle wounds. My boyfriend was unemployed for a long time. I’ve been dealing with a chronic pain issue that required physical therapy – something that took an extra 4 months to start. 

I’ve had relationships with family and friends dramatically changed by opinions on masks, politics, and the soul of my country. I watched what happened on January 6th with horror and a sense that this was always the direction the US was headed. I couldn’t think clearly the rest of the week. Even this week is a little shaky. 

And since I am still working primarily from home. I get wicked screen fatigue. Frantically checking twitter for news on impeachment and then instagram for dog pictures isn’t helping, but it does create a bit of a balance. 

We’re living in a brave new world. I’m learning to cope with lots of books and tea. Some days they help more than others. 

This is all to say tentatively that I am back. I’ll try to come up with more bookish thoughts and reviews. I miss you all. The bookish community is amazing and I want to be a part of it instead of just lurking in the shadows.

3 thoughts on “A Quiet Hello

  1. I relate so much to this post, as I, too, took a while off blogging. Take your time, don’t rush, don’t put any pressure on yourself, just do what feels right. There’s enough pressure on us as it is. Sending good vibes! Take care.


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